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ACI Cyber School


Examready is an Accredited Training Provider with CISI(UK) and ACI.

Examready has a Joint Business Relationship with PwC South Africa.

Examready specializes in the areas of Financial Markets, Trading, Compliance, Risk, Trade Finance, Asset and Liability Management, Fixed Income and Relationship Management modelling.

Examready’s Head office is located in Johannesburg with a satellite office in London.

Over the past two decades, Examready has successfully grown its consulting and training arms in Africa and the emerging markets.

Our Cyber School and state of the art simulations has propelled Examready to the forefront of consulting and training in Africa and the emerging markets

For more information please contact Craig Rod ACSI on +27 (0)83 300 5551 / +44 (0)7906 384 589 or craigrod@examready.com.


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